Wood Wall Head Board

My LP (life partner) Catherine and I installed this wood wall/ headboard at our house recently. We used a Fibonacci sequence and a fun mix of a variety of reclaimed wood bits from my shop. 1039 Wood Wall Included in the wall are;
  • Tongue and groove pine from the 1940's from Billy's grandfather's house in rural East Durham.
  • Alligatored 1920's heart pine siding from the Mallard St house that was moved from Duke's campus by Brooks Adams of Minerva Properties and Design.
  • Orange trim pieces that came out of the Albright farm house on the Eno River's Confluence property.
  • 1920's Southern Yellow Pine ship lap siding and beadboard from Watts-Hillandale in Durham compliments of Riverbank Custom Homes.
  • More Albright Farm wood- beadboard and rough milled pine and oak.
  • Pallet wood left over from the Primal project.
  • And a variety of other cool 1920's/30's bits from around Durham.
Wood wall in progress
Wood wall in progress

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