A medium sized piece of folk art on a section of an antique pine door with safety deposit box keys, heart pine flooring tongues, allen wrenches, and a frame made out of poplar crib legs from the 1960s. A metal Oreo ad and an ornate switch plate sit in the center. Materials:
  • Switchplate- Durham metal yard
  • Safe deposit box keys and allen wrenches- Greensboro metal yard compliments of Greensboro artist John Martin.
  • Door- Durham salvaged, 1920's.
  • Heart pine flooring tongues- dumpster dived in Watts, Durham. The tongues were leftover after banding the pallet tables at Primal with the main portion on the flooring strips.
  • Crib- Thanks to the Kings of Durham for this donation from their basement clean out.
  • Oreo plate- basement find, Durham.

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