Mosaic A mosaic made of reclaimed wood on a salvaged wooden spool end banded with a metal brandy keg band.This piece follows a Fibonacci sequence, all of the widths of the individual pieces fall into a mathematic formula. I used pallet wood that I had left from the wood wall and tables at Primal, as well as a variety of wood salvaged from the Durham area- siding and trim boards from the 1920'2, 30's and 40's. Materials:
  • Misc Durham-salvaged wood from a variety of older homes.
  • Pallets salvaged in Durham- oak, poplar, pine
  • Metal brandy keg band thanks to Potter's Craft Cider, Charlottesville, NC.
  • Wooden spool end from a spool made to store electrical cable, salvaged in Chapel Hill, NC
  • Reclaimed nails used to attach the edge band, taken from wood that I've salvaged.

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