Riverbank Custom Homes- a shout out!

Riverbank Custom Homes does impeccable, beautiful renovations to older homes in Durham with a high level of integrity and an strong sense of historic preservation. They have also been a huge patron of mine, sharing cool old wood and artifacts from their renovations with me and diverting that stuff from the landfill.
Reclaimed Wood table
Reclaimed Wood table in a home renovated by Riverbank
Riverbank has also connected me with some of their clients to create unique furnishings for their newly renovated homes. A huge shout-out to David Parker et al for the great work they do and much gratitude for their support of my work in the early stages of my business! Riverbank's Website, which includes photos of some of the cool projects they've done. A search for "Riverbank" on my site will turn up some of the work I've done using wood salvaged from their projects.

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