485 Reclaimed Wood Golf Plaques

Reclaimed Kitchen cabinet parts with with 1920's pine lath frames, vintage golf clubs and humorous and inspirational golf quotes. So popular that I opened a second Etsy store just for my golf art. (Golfarthandmade on Etsy.)Materials:
  • Cabinets salvaged from David's house on Sunset in Watts, Durham. Old pine, age unknown, but the house was built in the 1940s. (Daquiri green, white, and natural brown colors.)
  • Golf clubs scavenged from thrift stores and metal yards around Durham.
  • Cabinet carcasse and doors from a remodeling project done by Riverbank on Virginia Ave, Watts, Durham. (White with a little pink showing through.)
  • A dumpster-dived, dark-stained poplar console cabinet from Edith St, Old West Durham.
All of these salvage sites are compliments of Riverbank Custom Homes. riverbank has been a great supporter of my work, providing me with a lot of cool old wood and artifacts rather than sending them to the landfill.  

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