A golf tee mandala made on weathered oak barnwood with found golf tees, a deco brass lamp part, and a vintage Asian coin This reminds me of a totem pole or other Native American design, like a dream catcher. I like the contrast of the white and tan tees with the grey-brown barnwood.  Materials:
  • Barnwood from Finley farm, Cedar Grove, NC.
  • Pine frame from the Liner wood shop in Cedar Grove.
  • Tees found at Lake Winds GC, my regular course in Rougemont, NC.
  • Brass deco lamp was a Raleigh Flea Market find from years ago. A fixture I had intended to re-wire but never did. Now it's parts will be incorporated into art.
  • Rusty tin cap from a container of plumber's glue.
  • Coin compliments of Rex and Chris Page of Chapel Hill from their sojourns abroad in the 60s and 70s. 

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