I make folk art and artful furnishings from reclaimed wood and found materials. I love the historic preservation and recycling aspects of my work, and the thrill of the hunt for cool vintage and materials and relics. I love to take old, cast-off stuff and give it new life! I see my work as similar to quilting, but using old wood and found objects instead of scraps of fabric. My style can be described as; rustic, primitive, self-taught, outsider or folk art, mixed media, assemblage. I salvage all of my own materials. My methods include dumpster-diving, curb-picking, and connecting with people who are demolishing or renovating old buildings. I also occasionally find materials at flea markets and thrift stores. I live in Durham, NC and I have a workshop in Efland, NC on three wooded acres with a creek, one of my favorite places to be in the world. I number my pieces and I keep a blog at ivegotahammer.com where I tell a bit about each item.