A golf tee mandala made on weathered oak barnwood with found golf tees, a deco brass lamp part, and a vintage Asian coin This reminds me of a totem pole or other Native American design, like a dream catcher. I like the contrast of the white and tan tees with the grey-brown barnwood.  Continue reading "Totem"

“Lucky Penny” 

32 antique leather golf grips, shellacked and mounted on a salvaged wooden spool end with a 70s Ford truck hubcap and an oversized Indian head penny in the center. The piece is 36" in diameter and is made on a salvaged wooden spool end. Other elements include a vinyl 33 lp and an upcycled saw blade. Purchased by the City of Newton at the 2016 Foothills Folk Art Festival preview event.


Golf club creature
  A salvaged putter on 100 year old barnwood with barbed wire legs and pallet wood wings.
  • Barnwood- Efland, NC
  • Barbed Wire- From my 3 acre place in Efland.
  • Foremost putter head from a Durham Thrift store.

Golf Clubs

I love golf and I love that collecting vintage golf clubs is part of my work! I get them from the thrift stores and metal yards around Durham, and I'm usually visiting one of these places each week as I go through dozens of clubs a month. I've come to know the best places to find the coolest clubs, the prices at each place, and I even have "insider deals" at some places because I'm a volume buyer! I like to get the stainless steel irons for my golf plaques and the pretty, colorful, vintage woods to make into snails.   

Golf Pencils on Brandy Keg Stave

This is a small wall art piece made on a piece of an applejack brandy keg stave. Mounted to the charred interior portion of the stave is a collection of distressed golf pencils found on my local courses, and a 1973 Canadian penny. It's cool because there's a slight curve of the stave on the top and bottom you can see the and grain of a solid oak.  Materials: