More Ducks

Ducks made from 1920s pine beadboard, found casters, and Railroad Spike tips on 100+ year old oak barn flooring with 1920s pine lath frames.  I like the tiny bit of pale green paint still clinging to the wood duck bodies.  This is a batch of two ducks.  Materials:
  • Oak barn flooring from the Confluence site. 
  • 1920s beadboard bodies and pine lath frame, Englewood Ave, Durham. 
  • Found casters, Durham, NC. 

Alien Monkey Invaders

I salvage a lot of old kitchen cabinets and as a result I end up with a lot of cabinet hardware.  These guys look a lot like space invaders to me, but they also look a bit like the monkeys from the old barrel of monkeys. 


I found these cool orange casters while salvaging in Durham and turned them into Ducks! I used rough-milled oak barn flooring for the background, the body is 1920s beadboard, and the beak is a railroad spike tip.  Continue reading "Ducks"


Made on vintage knotty pine taken from salvaged kitchen cabinets with upcycled paintbrushes, a drill bit, and a railroad spike tip.

Eno River Association

The Eno River Association purchase and protects lands adjacent the Eno River in the Durham area and beyond. They were very generous in allowing me to salvage a large amount of wood and rusty metal artifacts from the lovely old buildings at the Confluence property in Hillsborough before the buildings were taken down for safety. Continue reading "Eno River Association"