A medium sized piece of folk art on a section of an antique pine door with safety deposit box keys, heart pine flooring tongues, allen wrenches, and a frame made out of poplar crib legs from the 1960s. A metal Oreo ad and an ornate switch plate sit in the center. Continue reading "Oreo"

Guitar String Patrons

"Shall We Dance?"
I used to perform a lot as a musician  and have plenty of old guitar strings lying around, but I've traded guitar playing for making folk art.
Abe and red white and blue
"Honest Abe and the Red White and Blue" Golf Tee Mandala
I am grateful to my friends Art and Nancy, who both actively play in bands for saving their old guitar and bass strings for me.  Continue reading "Guitar String Patrons"


Golf club creature
  A salvaged putter on 100 year old barnwood with barbed wire legs and pallet wood wings.
  • Barnwood- Efland, NC
  • Barbed Wire- From my 3 acre place in Efland.
  • Foremost putter head from a Durham Thrift store.

Golf Clubs

I love golf and I love that collecting vintage golf clubs is part of my work! I get them from the thrift stores and metal yards around Durham, and I'm usually visiting one of these places each week as I go through dozens of clubs a month. I've come to know the best places to find the coolest clubs, the prices at each place, and I even have "insider deals" at some places because I'm a volume buyer! I like to get the stainless steel irons for my golf plaques and the pretty, colorful, vintage woods to make into snails.