Made on vintage knotty pine taken from salvaged kitchen cabinets with upcycled paintbrushes, a drill bit, and a railroad spike tip.


A medium sized piece of folk art on a section of an antique pine door with safety deposit box keys, heart pine flooring tongues, allen wrenches, and a frame made out of poplar crib legs from the 1960s. A metal Oreo ad and an ornate switch plate sit in the center. Continue reading "Oreo"


Golf club creature
  A salvaged putter on 100 year old barnwood with barbed wire legs and pallet wood wings.
  • Barnwood- Efland, NC
  • Barbed Wire- From my 3 acre place in Efland.
  • Foremost putter head from a Durham Thrift store.

Golf Pencils on Brandy Keg Stave

This is a small wall art piece made on a piece of an applejack brandy keg stave. Mounted to the charred interior portion of the stave is a collection of distressed golf pencils found on my local courses, and a 1973 Canadian penny. It's cool because there's a slight curve of the stave on the top and bottom you can see the and grain of a solid oak.  Materials: