Eno River Association

The Eno River Association purchase and protects lands adjacent the Eno River in the Durham area and beyond. They were very generous in allowing me to salvage a large amount of wood and rusty metal artifacts from the lovely old buildings at the Confluence property in Hillsborough before the buildings were taken down for safety. Continue reading "Eno River Association"

Butner Farm- Appalachian Salvage trip

I am very grateful to Jeff and Leslie, the owners of the farm, for sharing their bounty of beautiful old barn wood and artifacts with me!   We loaded up my truck with wood from the old barn, tobacco sticks, and some other cool things like a scythe blade, vintage fertilizer sacks, railroad spikes, and a wooden label off of an old tobacco crate. The farm is about 40 minutes from Asheville, NC, and has a history of growing tobacco among other things. Jeff and Leslie took it over a few years ago and are giving it new life- renovating the old farm house, fixing up the barn, building a chicken coop and tending a large garden, keeping bees, growing shiitakes, it's exciting to see what they are doing! I am looking forward to making stuff out of this haul, and hopefully visiting the farm again!

Confluence/ Albright Farmstead

I was able to salvage multiple truckloads of beautiful old wood and rusty metal artifacts from this site prior to the demolition of the buildings. There were two barns and a farmhouse plus multiple smaller buildings that were demolished by the Eno River Association due to their advanced state of decay and the Association's desire for safety as the 100 acre property transitions into it's new life as a natural area that will host educational programs and hikes. It is a special site where two forks of the Eno converge. Below is a gallery of  images of the buildings and some of the things I've made from the materials gathered there. A big thank you to the Eno Association for allowing me to save and give new life to some of the beautiful old wood and artifacts![robo-gallery id="244"]