Made on vintage knotty pine taken from salvaged kitchen cabinets with upcycled paintbrushes, a drill bit, and a railroad spike tip.


Golf club creature
  A salvaged putter on 100 year old barnwood with barbed wire legs and pallet wood wings.
  • Barnwood- Efland, NC
  • Barbed Wire- From my 3 acre place in Efland.
  • Foremost putter head from a Durham Thrift store.

The WC

This is the WC at the ivegotahammer shop. It's an outhouse with running water that's connected to the well and septic tank.     I used 1920s German siding from a house in Durham, and reused pieces of the porch from the old mobile home that was on the property when I moved in.  The WC has cool antique wash tubs for a sink that I found in the basement of my former Old West Durham mill house, also built in the 20s. An outdoor shower will be added soon.  The art on the side is made of an aluminum pan found in Steven Finleys barn in Cedar Grove and a light cover from the Albright Farm, also Cedar Grove. 

TV Wall

I found a cache of about 16 antique TV cabinets in the attic of a barn at the Albright Farmstead/ Confluence. They were so cool I had to save them!    Me Albright must've been a tv repairman or collector.  There are many brands- GE, Silvertone, Zenith, and more.  I made them into an art installation at my shop that I all the wall of tv's. Unfortunately, the humidity and moisture from rains has taken it's toll on the glued hardwood veneer and they are gradually deteriorating. I will have to decide whether to restore some or all of the cabinets, or to dismantle them and incorporate their parts into art.  I will miss my TV wall. I love having it outside of my shop to look at.