Reclaimed Wood Headboard

A custom headboard made in a sort of quilted style, using a mix of cool salvaged wood pieces with a variety of colors and textures in a solid field with staggered seams.  It's made primarily from oak and yellow pine. Some of the pine was treated with steel wool and vinegar stain. The oak is barn salvaged from the Albright Farm in Cedar Grove, NC. The pine is from a variety of lots from Durham, NC, bungalows built in the 1920s and 1930s. These boards were baseboards, door casings, flooring, and sheathing in their previous lives. There are a few pieces of pallet wood mixed in as well. This piece has lots of cool distress- worm trails and beetle holes, saw marks and nail holes. The back braces are made of yellow pine framing lumber from the 1920s, and I notched them out to fit the baseboard so that it fits snugly against the wall in it's new home.   

476 White Bookcase

This piece was custom made for a client in Pennsylvania. They wanted a white bookshelf and I don't paint or do faux finishes, Fortunately I had a variety of white salvaged wood bits in my shop! The bookcase top is a shelf that I dumpster-dived on Ottawa Street in Durham from a 1920's house that was being renovated. The bead board back and tongue in groove planks that make up the shelves and the sides came from the Confluence salvage lot. Thanks for the Eno River Association for allowing me to salvage some beautiful old wood from this 100-year-old farmstead before the buildings were demolished.   
Raw materials, L to R- Shelf made into bookcase top, beadboard for back, pantry shelves for sides and shelves.

The Efland Shop

 My country store is open for business! I bought this three acre place in Efland, NC in 2013 from the Baird Family. David and Eugenia Baird lived here for thirty five years or so, well into their 90's. Mr. Baird built a wooden 4 bay garage with a tin roof on the property which was a big selling point for me! The other thing that made me fall in love with the place was the sweet meandering creek that runs through the property and feeds into the Eno River just down the road. This is an idyllic setting for making art! Since moving in I have added a little store into one of the garage bays, built an additional storage building for all of my cool finds, and added a "WC", a mini bathroom made of reclaimed materials. I did stay at the land initially, but the mobile home left behind by the Bairds contained mold, and I had it hauled off. I'm in the process of building a tiny house in it's place, all out of reclaimed wood. I participated in the Orange County Studio Tour in 2015, and I plan to have other events there in the future. My grand vision for the property includes having a creek walk and other trails for visitors, and art installations throughout the property, along with more art shows and possibly music events as well. For shopping, I have folk art, furniture and decor pieces, and architectural salvage for sale. Some of the items on hand include old doors, windows, shutters, a mantle piece, bead board, barn wood, antique TV cabinets, and more. Stop by if you're in the Hillsborough area! 2016 Hall's Mill Rd., Efland, NC 27243. Call or text to be sure I'm there. 919.730.8466 10 minutes from Hillsborough 25 minutes from Durham