TV Wall

I found a cache of about 16 antique TV cabinets in the attic of a barn at the Albright Farmstead/ Confluence. They were so cool I had to save them!    Me Albright must've been a tv repairman or collector.  There are many brands- GE, Silvertone, Zenith, and more.  I made them into an art installation at my shop that I all the wall of tv's. Unfortunately, the humidity and moisture from rains has taken it's toll on the glued hardwood veneer and they are gradually deteriorating. I will have to decide whether to restore some or all of the cabinets, or to dismantle them and incorporate their parts into art.  I will miss my TV wall. I love having it outside of my shop to look at. 

Man in a Box

My original vision was that this would echo "the scream", a man with hollow eyes, trapped in a metal box, but I think that some people see it as cute. I guess both could be true, depending on the viewer. That's the beauty of art. IMG_5973 The box was found in the barn at the Albright Farm, AKA the Confluence, an Eno River Association property. I also found the man's face, a tub drain, and his antique TV tube arms at that site. Actually, the legs are barn finds too, apparently old gate or door hinges. Gauge compliments of Greensboro, NC metal artist John Martin.