Golf club creature
  A salvaged putter on 100 year old barnwood with barbed wire legs and pallet wood wings.
  • Barnwood- Efland, NC
  • Barbed Wire- From my 3 acre place in Efland.
  • Foremost putter head from a Durham Thrift store.

Duck on blue

I made this solo duck on a background of blue painted pine salvaged at Confluence, a really unusual and beautiful old blue color. The duck is made from 1920s pine flooring and a caster off of a salvaged piece of antique furniture. The beak is a railroad spike tip I framed the piece with thin strips of oak barn wood part of the floor of the old barn at Confluence. The blue plank that I used as a background was salvaged in the storage building behind one of the barns. I had enough of the blue to make three pieces – this duck and two birds. One of the birds was donated to the Eno River Association's 50th annual gala auction. This is one of those pieces that I finished on Friday and sold at market on Saturday, forgetting  to take a photo first! The blue can be seen in this skinny bird:
"Dancing Bird"
"Dancing Bird"
The duck was made like this duck: Ducks ii