Golf Pencils on Brandy Keg Stave

This is a small wall art piece made on a piece of an applejack brandy keg stave. Mounted to the charred interior portion of the stave is a collection of distressed golf pencils found on my local courses, and a 1973 Canadian penny. It's cool because there's a slight curve of the stave on the top and bottom you can see the and grain of a solid oak.  Materials:

A Batch of Birds

I gave myself the gift of an art day and made this batch of birds and some other fun stuff.  
Shiny Bird- paint brush handles, faucet handle, antique buttons, blue clothespin
Woodpecker- Spade bit, RR spike tip, paintbrushes on knotty pine.
Little bird- Faucet handle, clothespin, paintbrushes on knotty pine
I used some salvaged faucet handles, old paintbrushes, a drill bit, vintage buttons, clothes pins, a railroad spike tip, and of course, cool reclaimed wood! Two of the birds sit on knotty pine that came from reclaimed kitchen cabinets that we used for my mom's tiny house. The other bird is on an oak drawer side from a salvaged dresser.

Shall We Dance?

 This folk art piece gets its name from the jar lid in the center, which I found in a barn. I don't know the age, or what it's a jar lid for, but it's cool. I found it at the Albright Farm. The background is a piece of oak barnwood from the Finley Barn in Cedar Grove, NC. I framed it with 1920s lath. I found the 45 record at Grannies Panties in Durham. It's a vintage kids' record with Polly Wolly Doodle and other songs on it. I added guitar strings around the border. The trivet also came from Grannies Panties. I love the way the colors and textures work together in this one. Etsy link:


One of a series of art pieces made on large wooden electrical spool ends, this was originally conceived as a trumpet flower and it took on a life of it's own.    The metal portion is made up of four pieces- a flywheel from a 1971 Ford truck, a gear found at the Albright farm stead, a copper wound speaker from an antique TV, and a small gear, all from the same farm.  The paint brush handles are from my shop, and the rusty metal band is also found on a barn on the Cedar Gtove farm. I salvaged the spool in Chapel Hill behind an electrical contracting business.   This piece is approximately 28" in diameter and 1.5" thick. 

Reclaimed Barn Wood Oak Media Tables

This is a pair of media tables made from 100 year old oak barn flooring with rusty metal pipe legs. They measure 5' wide x 32" high X 15" deep, a custom order for Chapel Hill clients. The oak is out of a barn in Cedar Grove, NC, compliments of the Eno river Association. These cool distressed planks were flooring in one of the old barns at the Albright Farmstead, now Confluence, a natural area maintained by the Eno. I cleated together 10" and 5" pieces to make the shelves and drilled out for the pipes. Steel flanges give the piece strength. Burrows media ii