Made on vintage knotty pine taken from salvaged kitchen cabinets with upcycled paintbrushes, a drill bit, and a railroad spike tip.

464 Dragonfly

dragonfly ii dragonfly A dragonfly that started with a meat fork found in a barn at the continent salvage site. This ancient rusty fork had a really cool yellow color on the handle and I happen to have two pieces of 1920s baseboard made perfect wings to make it into a dragonfly. There's a little brass widget that makes a face. I have no idea what these are but I found 5200 of them in the same barn at the Albright farmstead. I'm out of the dragonfly on a piece of 100-year-old Southern yellow Pine salvaged at the Southern Drive site in Efland along the railroad tracks. The piece measures about 12" x 30" and was purchased by Mrs. Burrows when she came to visit my Efland shop.

Shall We Dance?

 This folk art piece gets its name from the jar lid in the center, which I found in a barn. I don't know the age, or what it's a jar lid for, but it's cool. I found it at the Albright Farm. The background is a piece of oak barnwood from the Finley Barn in Cedar Grove, NC. I framed it with 1920s lath. I found the 45 record at Grannies Panties in Durham. It's a vintage kids' record with Polly Wolly Doodle and other songs on it. I added guitar strings around the border. The trivet also came from Grannies Panties. I love the way the colors and textures work together in this one. Etsy link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/274114832/shall-we-dance