Shall We Dance?

 This folk art piece gets its name from the jar lid in the center, which I found in a barn. I don't know the age, or what it's a jar lid for, but it's cool. I found it at the Albright Farm. The background is a piece of oak barnwood from the Finley Barn in Cedar Grove, NC. I framed it with 1920s lath. I found the 45 record at Grannies Panties in Durham. It's a vintage kids' record with Polly Wolly Doodle and other songs on it. I added guitar strings around the border. The trivet also came from Grannies Panties. I love the way the colors and textures work together in this one. Etsy link:

Duck on blue

I made this solo duck on a background of blue painted pine salvaged at Confluence, a really unusual and beautiful old blue color. The duck is made from 1920s pine flooring and a caster off of a salvaged piece of antique furniture. The beak is a railroad spike tip I framed the piece with thin strips of oak barn wood part of the floor of the old barn at Confluence. The blue plank that I used as a background was salvaged in the storage building behind one of the barns. I had enough of the blue to make three pieces – this duck and two birds. One of the birds was donated to the Eno River Association's 50th annual gala auction. This is one of those pieces that I finished on Friday and sold at market on Saturday, forgetting  to take a photo first! The blue can be seen in this skinny bird:
"Dancing Bird"
"Dancing Bird"
The duck was made like this duck: Ducks ii

Barbed Wire Heart

Barbed wire heart on 40's pine cabinet with antique button
Sweet barbed wire heart on 1940's pine kitchen cabinet wood with tin roofing, leather from a vintage golf club cover, and walnut veneer off of an antique dresser. The cotton candy button is from the Eugenia Baird collection, barbed wire off my land. All other parts salvaged and found around Durham and Efland by Yours Truly.